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Fresh Fish Food For Fitness

Azumini Ancient Kingdom is dominated by its historic "blue river"; indeed the name Azumini is derived from the situation beside the blue river of land mass that represents Azumini.

An ancient trade of the kingdom was fish. The river still teems with exotic fish which forms part of its scenic attraction.


Built on that trading history is an ultra-modern, high capacity fish cultivation estate; there, a number of sub-species of catfish are cultivated from hatchery to maturity, including heterobranchus (king of catfish), dutch clarias and hybrid. This preserves the blue river species while supplying the indigenes and the sorrounding Ndoki community with fresh fish needs. The estate supplies major neighbouring cities with weighty catfish as required, and small scale farmers with high quality fingerlings


Alinnu Tetem Fish Estate and its operations are guided by the 3 founding principles of Alinnu Tetem, grass roots entrepreneurship, job creation and knowledge/skills transfer and retention.

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