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The title, Alinnu Tetem, represents the native origins and first name of the proprietor of Alinnu Tetem the company. Alinnu is an abbreviation of Okoroma Alinnu, a royal compound of Azumini Ancient Kingdom. It literally means "land of salt"; being symbolic of wealth, reminiscent of the ancient trading post that Azumini was, and an adumbration of the renaissance of the Ancient Kingdom.

Alinnu Tetem represents a bold vision for Azumini and its people; it is in furtherance of the vision of the Ezenweali VIII of the Azumini Ancient Kingdom whose mission statment was to "put Azumini on the map".


Alinnu Tetem is a portfolio of ventures that includes sand and gravel dredger operations, ultra-modern high capacity exotic fish cultivation estate, as well as natural scenery and nature trail conservation. Click Eze's image and see Page 2 of his address on this to General Muhammadu Buhari. What foresight!


Alinnu Tetem is a movement founded on 3 guiding principles: grass roots entrepreneurship, job creation and knowledge/skills transfer and retention.

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